Janus/Ada FAQ

Various Janus/Ada topics and tips are covered here.

Compiler Installation and Use

Janus/Ada Serial Number

Unix Compatibility for Janus/Ada

Using Console Mode

WMake Colors does not work

Missing KERNEL32 function on Windows 95

Linking with Visual C++ 6.0

Janus/Ada Programming Topics

Printing with Janus/Ada 95 for Windows


Does Janus/Ada support UNC filenames?

Replacing Janus/Ada 83 Exception_Info

Invocation Parameters

Anonymous Access Types and Language Modes

Interfacing pragmas and "Unsupported Mode or Type"

Interfacing pragmas and optimization

Tools Topics

8-Character Name Limit in JAWS II

Using the Jaws II Library command

Using COrder with Janus/Ada 95

You can read the entire set of topics here.

Janus/Ada Information

Verified bugs in Janus/Ada 3.2.1 are found in the Janus/Ada 3.2.1 bug list.

Verified bugs in Janus/Ada 3.1.2 are found in the Janus/Ada 3.1.2 bug list.

Verified bugs in Janus/Ada 3.1.1 are found in the Janus/Ada 3.1.1 bug list.

Support Options

Can't find the answer to your question here? Following are some other ways of getting help for Janus/Ada.

Janus/Ada Mailing List

You can submit your question to the Janus/Ada mailing list. Other Janus/Ada users can help along with possibly one of our technicians. Send your question to ada95@rrsoftware.com.

But before you do that, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list, so that you can receive any replies. (You'll also receive infrequent product notices.) Subscribe by sending an e-mail to listserv@rrsoftware.com, with a message body of join Ada95 for the Janus/Ada mailing list. You'll receive a confirmation message; follow the instructions in that message and you'll be signed up for the mailing list.

Private E-mail

You can submit your question directly to technicans by e-mailing to techsup@rrsoftware.com. If you have a current Software Support agreement, please indicate that and your software serial number so that we can give your question priority over others. Supported customers should receive an answer in no more than 2 business days; other questions will be answered on an as-available basis. If you are in no hurry, you can also contract us via postal mail; see the contact page for the address to use.


If you have a current Software Support agreement, you can call us at 1-608-245-0375 or 1-800-722-3248 (1-800-PCADA4U). Please have your software serial number handy so we can verify your support status.

Claw Support Center

If your question is about Claw, try the Claw Support Center

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