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Claw 1.1 bug list
  1. The default title for Claw.Dialog.Save_as_File is "Open", it should be "Save As".
  2. The Initial_Directory parameters for Claw.Dialog.Open_File and Claw.Dialog.Save_as_File have no effect.
  3. The system command Close (that is, the Close button on the title bar) is not passed to When_Command for Frame_Window_Type.
  4. Sometimes the help files open a Find box instead of the table of contents. If this happens to you, select the topic offered, then select Contents.
  5. Claw.Menus.Item_Count raises Windows_Error when passed a valid menu.
  6. Creating a top-level window (that is, a window without a parent or owner) inside of an action routine takes at least 10 seconds during which nothing else can happen.
  7. If a window with a popup menu is destroyed before the menu is destroyed, an exception (typically, Constraint_Error) may be raised within Claw.
  8. Claw.Dialog.Modal.Set_Background_Brush and Claw.Dialog.Modeless.Set_Background_Brush raise Not_Valid_Error when passed a valid brush.
  9. Claw.Window_Operations.Position may raise an unexpected exception when used on Windows NT.
  10. Claw.Window_Operations.Size and Claw.Window_Operations.Client_Size return answers which are 1 pixel too large. If these are then used in Claw.Move, the window will grow a bit larger.
  11. If Set_Text_Color is used to set the text color for an edit control or list box, the wrong background color will be used. Work around the problem by using Set_Colors instead of Set_Text_Color.
  12. On Windows NT 3.51, Get_System_Font returns a Logical_Font_Type full of garbage. The function works properly on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
  13. Claw.Edit.Multiline.Get_Text loses all of the line breaks (<CR><LF> pairs) in the returned text, and sometimes includes garbage characters on the end of the returned text. The problem can be worked around by getting a single line of text at a time and inserting the needed returns.
  14. When Claw is compiled with GNAT, the Testcomm sample program fails with "error code 1" when Choose Printer is selected. This can be fixed by changing the right-hand side of line 215 of Claw-Dialog-Printer.Adb from "Dialog.CPR'Size/8" to "66", then recompiling the file.
  15. On some systems, clicking on ClawHelp via the explorer brings up a Find box, not help. There are two workarounds: Download a replacement ClawHelp.Cnt file from our web page. This will eliminate the problem with ClawHelp. Or, failing that, let the Find box create an index. It will show only one topic. Select that topic, and press "Display". You will be sent to the contents page for Claw help.
  16. When a Claw application is run on Windows NT 4.0, static controls which display icons or bitmaps intermittently raise Constraint_Error.

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