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Trash Finder Pro is a plug in for a mail server. It is intended to be used on the gateway mail server for small and medium sized networks, filtering all incoming mail into a small business, school, or small ISP. It is not a filter for mail clients.

Trash Finder Pro is currently available as a plug in for the IMS mail server (on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003).

Trash Finder analyzes a message, decoding it into its parts. Each part can be scanned for matching strings. This reduces "false positives" - messages which are tagged as junk that are actually good. For instance, a URL filter is only checked within URLs in the message; if the phrase occurs in some other part of the message, the filter is not triggered.

Each filter can be set to treat the message as trash, spam, a virus, or discard the message. Filtered messages (if not discarded) can then be examined to see if they are good mail (which should be forwarded for normal processing), whether the filters should be strengthened, or just to discard the message.

Trash Finder Pro also includes the Viewer application. The viewer provides convenient sorting and analysis for messages filtered by Trash Finder. The Viewer can be used remotely, not only forwarding and discarding filtered messages, but also updating the Domain, IP, and Unknown Words filters from any computer with network access and permission to the mail server.

Subscription for updates

Spam and malware are constantly changing. That means that your filter program has to change, too. Without frequent updates, more and more junk will slip under by the filters.

Therefore, Trash Finder Pro is only available by annual subscription. The cost is a minimal $50 per year, for use on up to 10 computers. (Read the complete license for more details).

The software itself does not expire, and can continue to be used after the subscription expires. Only updates and on-line functions require a current subscription.

Ordering Trash Finder Pro

  • Phone:
    Call 1-800-PCADA4U or 1-608-245-0375.
  • FAX:
    Call 1-608-245-0379. Be sure to include the product name (Trash Finder Pro), your name, and the credit card information as outlined below.
  • E-Mail:
    Sorry, our bank will not allow us to accept credit card numbers sent by E-Mail. Please FAX or phone your order.
  • Mail:
    R.R. Software, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1512
    Madison WI 53704
    By mail, we also accept checks drawn on a US bank.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. All credit card orders must include the billing address of the credit card, a contact phone number, the card number, and the expiration date of the card. All orders should include an e-mail address for sending the software (our e-distribution system isn't finished yet) or an extra $20 (in North America)/$30 (rest of world) to ship a CD.

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