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Overwhelmed by Junk E-mail?

    Is your mail server overflowing with spam and malware? Trash Finder can be your solution. Trash Finder is a mail filter that operates as a plugin for your mail server, providing filtering on dozens of criteria along with management of known good mail. Junk e-mail has nowhere to hide with Trash Finder on the job!

What is Trash Finder?

    Trash Finder is a plug in for a mail server. It is intended to be used on the gateway mail server for small and medium sized networks, filtering all incoming mail into a small business, school, or small ISP. It is not a filter for mail clients.

    Currently, Trash Finder is available as a plug in for the IMS mail server (on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003). We're planning to make it available for other mail servers as well; so if you're interested in using it with another mail server, please contact our information department with details.

    Trash Finder analyzes a message, decoding it into its parts. Each part can be scanned for matching strings. This reduces "false positives" - messages which are tagged as junk that are actually good. For instance, a URL filter is only checked within URLs in the message; if the phrase occurs in some other part of the message, the filter is not triggered.

    Each filter can be set to treat the message as trash, spam, a virus, or discard the message. Filtered messages (if not discarded) can then be examined to see if they are good mail (which should be forwarded for normal processing), whether the filters should be strengthened, or just to discard the message.

Choose the version that is right for you

    Trash Finder comes in two editions: Trash Finder Pro and Trash Finder Classic.

    Trash Finder Pro is the full-featured professional version of Trash Finder. It includes junk mail analysis tools and more advanced filters. It is bundled with an update subscription, so that it is continually updated to handle new trends in spam and malware.

    Trash Finder Classic is the original version of Trash Finder. It includes the most useful filters, and is available as a free download.

Trash Finder filters

    Trash Finder contains many filters. Here are just a few:
    • From and To filters
    • Subject filter
    • Text filters (only looks at the text, not at markup):
      • Text string filter
      • Too much UPPER CASE filter
      • Too many upper bit characters filter
      • Unknown words filter (Trash Finder Pro only) - filters messages with too many unknown/misspelled words. Great for trapping gibberish in message intended to cover the real junk.
    • HTML Markup filters:
      • Markup text filter
      • Unknown HTML elements filter
      • Text outside of HTML filter
      • Form filter
      • Script filter
      • Too many comments filter
    • URL filters
    • Domain filter (Trash Finder Pro only) - filters on domains found in links and e-mail addresses - can filter against:
      • Local domain list with extensive statistics and multiple filtering options
      • Public blocklists like SURBL
    • IP filter (Trash Finder Pro only) - filters on the IP of the web server referenced by a domain
    • Pass filters: (for limited or no filtering on matching messages)
      • From pass filter
      • To pass filter (Trash Finder Pro only)
      • Subject pass filter (Trash Finder Pro only)
    • Attachment filters
    • Character set filters
    • Structure error filters
      • Illegal message encoding filter
      • Bad line separator filter
      • Bad structure filter
    • Virus filter (Trash Finder Pro only) [works with F-Prot antivirus]

The Trash Finder Manager

    The interface to the Trash Finder filter plug in is the Trash Finder Manager. This GUI program provides an easy-to-use interface to manage the Trash Finder filters. Filters can be added, deleted, modified while the mail server is running. The Manager also provides an extensive set of statistics on the incoming mail and its disposition. This data can be used to fine-tune the filters, removing ones that block too many good messages, and strengthening ones that are effective.

The Trash Finder Viewer (Trash Finder Pro only)

    Trash Finder Pro includes a second GUI tool, the Trash Finder Viewer. The viewer provides convenient sorting and analysis for messages filtered by Trash Finder.

    The Viewer can be used remotely, not only forwarding and discarding filtered messages, but also updating the Domain, IP, and Unknown Words filters from any computer with network access and permission to the mail server.

    The viewer provides one touch analysis of messages for domains used, suggesting those that ought to be added to the Domain and IP filters. A few more clicks can add the domains to the filters and dispose of the message. Here is part of the analyzer dialog for a message:

    Analyzer screen shot

    The domain can be added to the filters simply by changing the action and clicking on "Delete Message" (not shown). The Viewer does all of the work.

Mailing Lists

Be sure to sign up for our technical support mailing lists. Subscribers are kept abreast of any revisions and provided with the occasional technical tip. For Trash Finder send a message containing "subscribe Trash_Finder" to
Subscription for updates
    Spam and malware are constantly changing. That means that your filter program has to change, too. Without frequent updates, more and more junk will slip under by the filters.

    Therefore, Trash Finder Pro is only available by annual subscription. The cost is a minimal $50 per year, for use on up to 10 computers. (Read the complete license for more details).

    The software itself does not expire, and can continue to be used after the subscription expires. Only updates and on-line functions require a current subscription.

Classic Edition still available
    Get Trash Finder Classic now
    The classic edition of Trash Finder is available as a free download. While it will not get new features, it can provide a filtering solution for smaller sites. When you're ready to upgrade to Trash Finder Pro, you can do so without disrupting your existing filtering. Trash Finder Pro will automatically use all of your old filter settings.
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