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Trash Finder Classic is a plug in for a mail server. It is intended to be used on the gateway mail server for small and medium sized networks, filtering all incoming mail into a small business, school, or small ISP. It is not a filter for mail clients.

Trash Finder Classic is available as a plug in for the IMS mail server (on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003).

Trash Finder analyzes a message, decoding it into its parts. Each part can be scanned for matching strings. This reduces "false positives" - messages which are tagged as junk that are actually good. For instance, a URL filter is only checked within URLs in the message; if the phrase occurs in some other part of the message, the filter is not triggered.

Each filter can be set to treat the message as trash, spam, a virus, or discard the message. Filtered messages (if not discarded) can then be examined to see if they are good mail (which should be forwarded for normal processing), whether the filters should be strengthened, or just to discard the message.

Available Free

Trash Finder Classic is a free download. Download Trash Finder Classic by clicking on this link.


Unzip the ZIP file in a convenient location. Trash Finder is an SCSMFilter plug-in, so the location chosen should be accessible for SCSMFilter.

Run the TRFinder GUI program (use Windows Explorer and double-click on the file); read the introductory information in the help file (select "Help" on the menu). Follow the installation instructions in the help file (found under "Installation").

Consider Trash Finder Pro

If you like Trash Finder, you'll like Trash Finder Pro more! Trash Finder Pro is the full-featured professional version of Trash Finder. Trash Finder Pro adds many addition features, including:

  • The Viewer application, making sorting and analysis of filtered messages a breeze.
  • The Unknown Words filter, making it possible to filter messages full of gibberish and misspellings.
  • The domain filter, for faster, more accurate filtering of domains.
  • The IP filter, allowing filtering of web servers hosting spammers.
  • Expanded pass filters for Subjects and Recipients.
  • Remote filter updating.

Learn more about Trash Finder Pro.

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