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Ada 95 PDS for 80386 Unix

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Compiler Vendor: R.R. Software, Inc.
Compiler Type: Base
Date of Validation by Registration: 1/24/97
Date of Expiration: 3/31/98
Validation Certificate #: 960921I2.0.1-005
Compiler Name: Janus/Ada 95 Professional Development System for 80386 Unix, Version 3.1.0
Host: Northgate 386/25 (under SCO Unix Version 3.2)
Target: Northgate 386/25 (under SCO Unix Version 3.2)

Test Profile for Ada 95 Test

Ada 95 Test CategoriesPNANSWTotals
Ada 9X Basic 278963092861
Real Time 3048051
OOP 5400054
Type Extensions in Child Units 2606234
Child Library Units 15022037
Pre-defined Language Environments 2600127
Mixed Features 5241248188
Totals 296567200203252

Test Profile for Specialized Needs Annexes

Specialized Needs AnnexesPNANSWTotals
Annex C: System Programming 00437
Annex D: Real Time Systems 0031031
Annex E: Distributed Systems 00808
Annex F: Information Systems 00606
Annex G Numerics 00505
Annex H Safety and Security 00000
Totals 0054357

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