Janus Ada 95: Now Validated!! The compiler system itself is built on the great tradition of our validated Ada line, ensuring that 99% of existing code is compatible with Ada 95. Perusing the list of feature changes will reveal that much of Ada 83 has been greatly improved. All of Ada 95's powerful features can be used in Windows (Win32) applications, including type extensions, polymorphism, run-time dispatching and hierarchical libraries. Especially useful are the record representation clauses and pragma interfaces which allow both sensible handling of unusual Win32 data structures and for interfacing to foreign languages.

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Win32 Portability
The Janus/Ada 95 provides three levels of interfaces to Windows, from a binding to the Windows API to complete support for the Ada 95 input/output libraries, allowing existing Ada programs to be effortlessly recompiled as Win32 applications. Claw provides an additional high-level interface for Windows programs, including a program builder.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later (including Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP) and the Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit. [Note: We no longer support running Janus/Ada programs on older Windows systems (Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT), although that should work using an appropriate SDK.]

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