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  • R.R. Software, the pioneers in Ada compilers for personal computers, offers the first fully supported Ada 95 programming system. We put our 13 years of Ada compiler experience into building the most extensive Ada 95 product line in the industry.

    The Janus/Ada 95 PDS provides a complete programming system for Ada 95, incorporating numerous advanced features. 99% of your existing Ada code is compatible with Ada 95, putting the enhanced and improved features to work on your existing code. Based on our validated Ada 83 compiler, we have combined all of the best features from each language standard.

    All of the following tools maintain the unequaled error handling and low-level programming support that we are renowned for. They share the space efficiency, typified by a fully shared implementation of generics, and the unparalleled safety of our time-proven products.

    • The Compiler supports the complete syntax and many of the features of Ada 95. It is faster, due to improvements in use clause processing, with additional optimizations applied to aggregates and generic units.
    • The Linker/Binder for Janus/Ada 95 has been completely updated to include child library units and new elaboration pragmas. These tools enforce the Ada 95 library rules and implement the library unit categorization pragmas.
    • The Janus/Ada Workstation System (JAWS) has been re-engineered to recognize the new syntax extensions. It includes many new Ada 95 templates for faster programming. The compilation order tool (COrder) utilizes the new child library unit features that are a key revision in Ada 95. The syntax checker and pretty printer recognizes and pretty prints Ada 95 syntax extensions.
    • Our complete text-mode windows and screen handling package, JWindows, was redesigned to take advantage of the object-oriented features of Ada 95. This made JWindows easier to understand and use, and provides access to previously unavailable capabilities.
    • The Janus/Ada assemblers have been updated, making it easier to use assembly code with your Ada 95 programs. Our helpful extended tutorial now provides a significant amount of Ada 95 information, stressing those features that have been improved. While using the tutorial, programmers will learn advanced features while building example programs.

    System Requirements:
    A 32 Bit DOS Extender is included in the package. All you need is DOS 3.1 or better, 2 MB RAM, and 4 MB on your hard drive.

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