Royalty-Free Libraries
System Requirements
A validated Ada 83 compiler system for the programmer looking for the advanced capabilities so needed for today's complex tasks. This is a complete implementation of the Ada standard hosted on COFF compatible Unix/Posix systems on Intel family chips (386 or better). The professional features include a fully functioning assembler, complete text-mode windowing and screen handling, syntax checker, and a workstation environment.


    JDebug is the system debugger. JDebug provides all of the powerful Ada level debugging features, and can debug programs with any level of optimization without loss of functionality. Operates on programs without special debugging information embedded.
Royalty-Free Libraries
    The included royalty-free runtime libraries feature:
    • 80X87 Support & Software Emulated Floating Point
    • Sequential I/O, Text I/O, Direct I/O
    • Clock and Calendar Routines
    • Bit, Byte, and String Manipulations
    • Exponential & Trigonometric Functions
    • Program Chaining Routines
    • Tasking Support
    • OS Calls
As the first company to develop Ada compilers for the PC, we consistently support the workstation power of Unix. Our products are compatible with the following versions of Unix: SCO, Unixware, Interactive, and any others following the Intel ABI.

System Requirements

    The UNIX system requires the minimum amount of RAM necessary for the operating system. Storage on a hard drive will require 10 MB.

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