Tools and Utilities
Our most popular (and coincidentally least expensive) package provides an ideal training environment and a system powerful enough for developing and testing pieces of large scale systems. This with a work station environment, tutorial, and a user friendly manual. It is compatible with virtually any MS-DOS-based system including LANs. It requires an 80X86 machine running MS-DOS and a hard disk.
    The Compiler conforms to ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A as determined by the AJPO under its current testing procedures. As validated Ada, the entire language is compiled. A plethora of options allows each user to customize the system operation to their specific needs.

    Our Ada compilers minimize error correction turnaround due to our unique heuristic detection mechanism which pinpoints compile time errors with concise messages. Library routines allow exception handling and effortless logging, and Runtime error handling is displayed along with unhandled exceptions.

    Our compiler supports the low-level programming features that all Ada users demand. Chapter 13 features are all supported in addition to unchecked programming with Unchecked_Conversion and Unchecked_Deallocation.

    Janus/Ada's extensive interface facilities allow the use of millions of lines of C and Assembler code. This sharing of data objects is complete for both of these other languages, allowing complete translation when calling in and out of Ada.

    Multiple levels of optimization are supported contingent on the programmer's needs. Flexibility allows a configuration which generates all Ada checks while still performing other optimizations. In it's safest modes, most uninitialized variables and dangling pointers will be detected immediately. When performance is of essence, virtually every unnecessary check can be suppressed.

Tools and Utilities
    Linkers: Choice of linkers offering unused code trimming options, support for multiple memory models for 80X86 targets, quick program development, interfacing and use with 3rd party tools. Linking is a one-step process, automatically finding needed files and directly producing executable programs.

    Workstation System: An integrated, Ada-sensitive editor, that provides time-saving and convenient features for Ada users at all levels. Allowing compilation and linking directly from the environment, provides Ada templates, and includes integrated syntax checking and error correction.

    Compilation Order Tool: An automatic Ada-specific make utility that derives legal compilation orders and eliminates the need for unnecessary recompilations. It operates directly on the Ada source code to generate a batch file/script for optimum compilation.

    JManager: A library and file management utility.

    Royalty Free Runtime Libraries: A comprehensive set of runtime libraries are included with every Janus/Ada compiler. Includes the following:

    • 80X87 Support & Software Emulated Floating Point for all targets.
    • Sequential I/O, Text I/O, Direct I/O
    • BCD Fixed Point Numbers
    • Clock and Calendar Routines
    • Bit, Byte, and String Manipulations
    • Exponential & Trigonometric Functions
    • Program Chaining Routines
    • Tasking Support
    • OS Calls

    The Janus/Ada Extended Tutorial: An introductory Ada programming tutorial that offers a fast start for beginning Ada programmers and a valuable refresher for experienced engineers. Allows the user to build examples, referencing valuable information in the accompanying manual. Quizzes reinforce important points and insure understanding.

    The Janus/Ada User's Manual: A reference that follows the form of the 1815A, the Ada 83 Standard. Covers implementation dependencies, library routines, and operation of the compiler and tools. It is designed to be user-friendly: easy to read; easy to search; and it is spiral bound to lay flat.

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