Because we know you want consistency, R.R. Software is committed to supporting our existing Ada 83 product line, and will do so at least through the end of 1998. Other vendors are already abandoning their 16-bit line, forcing users to alter their way of doing things. We will not leave you stranded. Providing the dependability you need, we will continue to enhance and improve our entire product line. If you are restricted to 16-bit applications, you need to call us.

Each of our Ada 83 compiler packages include a validated Ada compiler, linker, Workstation Environment, Compilation Order Tool, Extended Tutorial, and a User Manual.

Janus/Ada 83
Tool Kits
Janus/Ada 83
MS-DOS Compiler

PasTran: Pascal to Ada Translator

Translating Pascal into Ada? R.R. Software has an excellent solution with our unique translation tool! With it, your existing Pascal can be converted into real Ada code. PasTran translates by function, rather than just line by line.

This powerful Pascal to Ada translator provides up to 98% direct translation. PasTran can save thousands of lines valuable code! Unlike many other translators on the market, this is not a search and replace utility. Rather, it is designed to produce real Ada source code and real Ada programs from the original Pascal.

Check with us to see if an off-the-shelf package or a customization will be the most beneficial solution.

AdaVid Training Course

A complete, ten-hour introductory training course on nine VHS video tapes, AdaVid is an excellent resource for your technical library.

Starting with an introduction by former Secretary Defense Les Aspin, AdaVid continues by covering all of the basics of programming in Ada. AdaVid avoids the dry, talking head style of video by injecting some humor and surprises into the lessons.

Students follow the instructors lead and write actual Ada programs. RR Software can combine this resource with our inexpensive Janus/Ada MS-DOS Compiler to provide your company with a cost effective way to get your programmers using Ada.

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