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Claw 1.2 Is Here

CLAW is the Class Library for Ada 95 and Windows 95. It works with any complete Ada 95 compiler for Windows 95 and/or Windows NT.


  • Support for property pages and sheets.
  • Support for the registry.
  • Support for sockets.
  • Support for Windows help.
  • Additional controls are supported: Tabs and Tree Views.
  • New Claw Application Builder.
CLAW provides an object-oriented Ada interface to the Windows GUI. This interface was designed from the ground up for use with and from Ada 95. It makes extensive use of Ada 95 features like tagged types, finalization, general access types, exceptions, default parameters, private and child packages, and abstract types. This produces an Ada-friendly view of Windows programming.

CLAW is a so-called "thick binding". It gives the experienced Ada programmer a way to add the power of Windows to the existing power of her Ada style programs. This is in contrast to a "thin binding", which is convenient for Windows experts, coding Windows-style but using an Ada compiler. "Thin bindings" require knowledge of the original language of the interface, since details of that language are exposed, and complete documentation for the interface in Ada is rarely available.

CLAW handles many of the mundane details of building a Windows application, freeing you to concentrate on your application. In addition, since knowledge of another language is not needed to use CLAW, you can avoid the perils of mixed language programming.

Another goal of CLAW is portability. The CLAW system itself can be compiled on any Ada 95 compiler for Windows 95/NT with a minimum of changes. The code you write (using CLAW) can be completely portable from one Ada 95 compiler to another. This means that programs using CLAW aren't locked into a single compiler vendor, decreasing project risk.

We even include the full Ada 95 source for Claw in its distribution packages.

New in version 1.2 is the Claw GUI Application Builder. The Builder lets the user create applications by the manipulation of graphic objects, such as windows, dialogs, controls, menus, and graphics (icons and bitmaps). The builder's WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface eliminates surprises. Connections between objects can be defined in the builder (for instance, a button or menu item can open a dialog).

The builder includes an extensive simulation capability, so that the application can be tested without waiting for the compile-link- run cycle. For instance, pressing the OK button of a dialog causes it to close.

Once the application is finished, the builder generates clean, correct, commented code using the Claw bindings to implement the application.

The complete CLAW version 1.2 interface includes more than 125 packages containing over 120 reusable object types, with more than 2000 user-accessible subprograms. These include advanced Windows features such as the registry, sockets, tooltips, help files, and tree views. Future versions of CLAW will contain even more packages, types, and subprograms to support additional Windows features.

A demonstration version of Claw is available. A demonstration version of the Claw builder is also available here. The demonstration versions provide a subset of the functionality of the full version of Claw.

Claw Personal Edition for Rational Apex NT Now Available

The Claw Personal Edition of Rational Apex NT is now available. This version of Claw is tailored to the Rational Apex NT environment and compiler. It automatically sets up an optimal Apex environment for creating Claw programs, replacing the demonstration version of Claw included with Apex.

The Claw Personal Edition for Rational Apex NT includes all of the features of the Claw Generic Edition. The only difference is that support for compilers other than Rational Apex is omitted from the package. The Claw Personal Edition can later be upgraded to the Claw Generic Edition if support for another compiler is needed.

This package is one of the results of our cooperative agreement with Rational to provide integration between Claw and Rational Apex.

Claw and Compiler now just $295!

Many Ada programmers have told us that they would love to be able to write Ada 95 programs using Claw, but cannot afford to pay the full license fee. We are listening, and are happy to announce The Claw Personal Edition Combo for Windows NT/95.

With this money saving package you get both the Claw and Janus/Ada 95 Personal Editions at one incredibly low price. With this package you will be able to write Ada 95 programs using a validated Ada 95 compiler and the Ada programmers secret weapon for windows: Claw.

So if you have been struggling with documentation written for non-Ada programmers, try Claw. If you are sick of having to go through routines in other languages, you need to get Claw. And if you haven't experienced Janus/Ada 95, the time is now to get a modern compiler system from the company that first brought Ada to the PC.

Support Mailing Lists

Be sure to join our technical support mailing lists: for Claw and for Janus/Ada 95. Subscribers are kept abreast of any revisions and provided with the occasional technical tip.

New Compiler Version

An update to Janus/Ada 95 is now available. The update is available for Janus/Ada 95 for Windows NT/95/98, and for Janus/Ada 95 for 32-bit DOS Extenders.

The update includes full support for protected types, an improved installation program, better performance for programs using floating point operations, and many bug fixes.

Windows versions also include better performance and accuracy for time operations and improvements to the Ada task manager. The Claw 1.2 update is also included with the Janus/Ada 95 Professional Development System.

If you have a current product support agreement, you should receive the update during the first week of January. If you do not receive the update package by 1/15/99 and have product support, please contact us.

Updates are only available via a product support agreement. Support agreements include automatic updates and priority technical support for one year from date of purchase. Support for the Janus/Ada 95 PDS costs just $150 per year in North America, and $200 per year in the rest of the world. Support for the Janus/Ada 95 personal edition costs just $95 per year in North America, and $150 per year in the rest of the world. (A combo package of support with the Claw personal edition is also available). As an extra incentive to renew now, we'll add 3 months to your agreement absolutely free when you renew your agreement before February 15, 1999.

For more information or to order, call us at (800)-722-3248 or (608)-245-0375, or write info@rrsoftware.com.

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