Single User
    A non-exclusive, nontransferable license for a single user to copy a program to a single CPU. Single user is an individual, not a corporation or institution.

    An add-on to a single user license, which allows the licensee to install the licensed program to a network serving up to an additional four users (for a total of five users). Additional network users may be added for an additional fee. Customers will receive two copies of the user manual (one with the single user license and one with the network). Additional copies may be obtained from RR Software.

    Site License
    A twenty five user license, ideal for large organizations including university PC labs. Additional individual user licenses may be added at a prorated fee. Licensee may read the licensed program into any computer located at the designated site, by may not have the Licensed Programs available to more users than this license allows.

    A licensing option available to Site License holders. Grants licensee the right to make additional single copies of the licensed program in exchange for paying a set fee. Ideal for educational environments, allowing a student the opportunity to work on the program at home for a fraction of the cost of a single user license. RTC licensees are able to acquire copies of the documentation directly from us at reasonable prices.

    Runtime Source
    A restricted rights license for the sole and exclusive purpose of allowing Licensee to research and develop application programs in the Ada language. This license grants the right to use and modify both object and source code. This license option is attractive for real-time development efforts, especially where Ada 95 is required.

    Technology License
    Available for PasTran, our Pascal to Ada translator. Full Ada source code license together with a site license to use the result of the development effort. Ideal for customization or to port to other platforms.

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