R.R. Software, founded in 1980, was the first company to implement the then new Ada programming language on a microcomputer. We are now the oldest independent vendor of Ada products in the world, having just celebrated our 36th birthday.

That product, dubbed Janus/Ada, today has over 35,000 users worldwide and continues to be the only compiler on the market that is written in Ada and self compiled in a personal computer environment.

Over the years, Janus/Ada has led the industry with a number of significant achievements. It was the first validated Ada compiler for the Intel 8086-based systems, for MS-DOS computers, as well as under the POSIX standard. The first Ada compiler for Microsoft Windows Toolkit and the first Ada 95 compiler for Microsoft Windows NT are examples of our technological lead.

The evolutionary result of over eighteen years of development, Janus/Ada95 is the most reliable, mature, and robust version of Ada for personal computer based programming.

Our Committment to Quality

Top Notch Technical Support

R.R. Software's trademark commitment to customer partnership is most visible in it's extensive software support agreements. We guarantee our customers on-going DoD validation and immediate access to high-level engineering staff to for answers to questions and problems. A long time customer, Jerry Poel, Supervisor, Software Engineering with Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co., had this to say: "R.R. Software support is better than any other compiler vendor I deal with. They are more responsive, accessible, and always respond quickly to problems that are beyond a quick answer. In general, excellent support."

When you need assistance with a project, you can rely on expert support from our technical staff. We know how frustrating it is trying to get through to other software companies. First you get busy tones, and then you are shuffled through a maze of voice mail commands. If you are fortunate enough to reach a person, chances are they can't answer your questions.

With a 98% satisfaction rate, our tech support is different. Our toll-free lines are manned 12-8 PM Central, Monday-Friday, allowing users on either coast convenient hours to call. An actual human will answer nearly every call, and promptly connect you with a qualified technician. To fit every need, we also provide assistance via e-mail, fax, or postal mail. With us, you pick the one you are comfortable with!

Our Unbeatable Upgrade Policy

Once you buy a system from us, you will never pay list price again. In most cases, you can trade in your existing product for full credit toward the purchase of a more powerful package. You can also update to the current release without being charged for missed versions.

Software Support Agreements

To provide the best possible service to our users, we offer very affordable plans that have a number of key benefits. If you purchase Software Support from us, you receive no-charge updates to new versions as well as gain priority access to our expert technical support.

We are constantly updating and improving our products. Major version updates occur periodically, while we also make minor revisions at least twice per year. If you have an SMA, you will have access to all of these updates as they become available.

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible experience, we include 90 days of Software Support with every package we sell. This ensures that you have access to high-quality support while you are getting familiar with our products, and also ensures that you are never stuck with an old version when a newer version comes out a week after your purchase.

No Tricks

We know that you work hard for your money, and you deserve value for your investment in an Ada product. And we know that you derserve to get the product you purchased and not bunch of extra surprises.

Thus you'll never find our installers including programs that you don't want and that are hard to suppress. You'll always be welcome to use your Janus/Ada product for as long as you want, even if you cannot afford Software Support. We won't charge you for support in additional years without your order, and we won't charge you for missed support years that could never benefit you anyway. We won't try to trick you to sign up for gobs of spam when ordering, nor will we sell your name to anyone.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do. When you buy from us, you get a quality Ada product and help support the evolution of the Ada language. And that's it.

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