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Reorganization of RR Software, Inc's Website
January 4, 2017

You've probably noticed that some things have changed around here. We've reorganized this website to make it easier to use for you and easier to update for us. Some highlights follow.

First, we've expanded the old newsletter section into a more flexible RR's Ramblings section. This expands the scope of the section beyond pure product news to commentary and technical discussions on our products and beyond. In particular, we intend to let our president (who is the editor of the Ada Standard) tell us about interesting topics in the evolution of Ada (in general, and about Ada 202x in particular), and how those issues could affect our products in the future. (Anyone who knows him and his writing style will know why this section has the name it does. ☺)

The older news articles are still available in the Ramblings archive.

Second, we're created a pair of Support Centers for Janus/Ada and Claw. This will simplify finding information about a specific product. It will also make the support information easier to maintain; there is only a single version of each page which is intended to be printable but still not be a dead-end after reading. The support centers also make it easier to skim the information available to see if something similar to your question is covered. The old FAQs were mainly designed to be read from top to bottom, but that is too unwieldy if enough topics are covered.

Finally, we've also cleaned up many pages, freshening the information (particularly adding Windows 10 information) and eliminating references to dead products (particularly the DOS Extender product line, which will not run on any current operating system - the most modern that we know worked was Windows ME).

We expect the site to continue to evolve. We're considering updates to page navigation to both modernize it and make the pages more mobile friendly. We'd also be interested in your feedback on the changes that we've already made and any that we could consider in the future. Send your comments to webmaster@rrsoftware.com.

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