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Janus/Ada 3.2.1 is Now Available as a beta
August 10, 2018

A beta version of Janus/Ada 3.2.1 is available to current users. This version includes some new Ada 2007 and Ada 2012 support.

Janus/Ada 3.2.0 Preview Available
July 10, 2017

A preview version of Janus/Ada 3.2.0 is available to current users. This version includes some Ada 2012 support as well as the warnings discussed in the previous articles.

Code Quality Warnings: Highlighting Likely Bugs before They Bite
June 9, 2017

Some Ada text is unlikely to be the code the programmer intended. Future versions of Janus/Ada detect such Ada text with Code Quality Warnings. This article goes into detail about the warnings and early experience with them.

Avoiding Crying Wolf With Warnings
May 19, 2017

Janus/Ada has always leaned toward telling the user as much as possible about the compilation, but separating warnings that require action from those that don't is sometimes difficult. Future versions of Janus/Ada will try to address this problem.

@, Ada 202x, and Janus/Ada
January 4, 2017

Ada 202x proposes to use the at-sign (@) for a new Ada feature, but Janus/Ada has used it for another purpose since the initial version of Janus/Ada in 1981. Options on what to do are explored.

Reorganization of RR Software's Website
January 4, 2017

We've reorganized this website to make it easier to find what you want. Read the details here.

Janus/Ada 3.1.2 Released
April 15, 2016

Janus/Ada 3.1.2 is now available for Microsoft Windows.

90 Days Support Included
February 14, 2016

90 Days of Software Support is included with all products.

Claw Introductory Edition Now Available

Details of the latest free Claw Introductory Edition.

Claw and Compiler now just $295!

The Claw Personal Edition and the Janus/Ada Personal Edition can be purchased as a bundle for just $295.

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