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Janus/Ada 3.2.1 Released
June 21, 2019

A full release of Janus/Ada 3.2.1 is now available.

R.R. Software, Inc. is happy to announce a new full release of Janus/Ada, version 3.2.1. The next evolution of our longstanding Ada technology, Janus/Ada 3.2.1 brings selected Ada 2007 and Ada 2012 features to Janus/Ada.

It also brings a variety of usability enhancements, including better warning management, command line improvements, and warnings for code quality problems.

Janus/Ada 3.2.1 is available now for Microsoft Windows XP and newer, including Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10.

New features in version 3.2.1:

  • Ada 2012 syntax (and semantics where implemented) is the default. Use the /Y5 option to set Ada 95 mode or the /Y7 option to set Ada 2007 mode. (These modes disallows new Ada features, and, unlike /YX for Ada 83 mode, also adjusts the legality rules and in a few cases, the generated code.)
  • A new option series /Ix sets the initial state of the compiler. This can be used to to globally suppress checking, and to disallow use of extensions and obsolescent features. Additional settings are planned in the future.
  • Code quality warnings (see Code Quality Warnings: Highlighting Likely Bugs before They Bite) are now enabled by default. They can be controlled with the /YQ option. Code quality warnings for access checks (see Checking Code Quality Warnings: Highlighting More Potential Bugs) are available using the /YQC option.
  • Options commonly used on the binder are now set by default to the most common setting. This should reduce the number of problems linking programs (following the binding step).
  • The following Ada 2007 features are newly supported in version 3.2.1:
    • Attribute Mod is supported.
    • Null exclusions (that is, not null) are supported.
    • The prefix of the Access attribute can be overloaded.
    • Packages Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones, Ada.Calendar.Arithmetic, and Ada.Calendar.Formatting are included.
    • Private with clauses are supported.
    • Attribute Machine_Rounding is supported.
    • Additional routines have been added to various Ada.Strings packages.
    • Package Ada.Directories is included.
    • Package Ada.Environment_Variables is included.
    • Packages Ada.Containers.Generic_Array_Sort and Ada.Containers.Generic_Constrained_Array_Sort are included.
  • The following Ada 2012 features are supported in version 3.2.1:
    • The complete syntax of Ada 2012, including all new reserved words, is supported.
    • The prefix of the Image and Wide_Image attributes can be an object.
    • Aspect specifications are supported throughout the language. Only a handful of aspects are implemented at this time.
    • Additional routines are available in Ada.Strings.Bounded, Ada.Strings.Unbounded, and Ada.Directories.
    • Package Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names is included.
    • Package Ada.Locales is included.
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