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Claw and Compiler now just $295!

Many Ada programmers have told us that they would love to be able to write Ada 95 programs using Claw, but cannot afford to pay the full license fee. We are listening, and are happy to announce The Claw Personal Edition Combo for Microsoft Windows.

With this money saving package you get both the Claw and Janus/Ada 95 Personal Editions at one incredibly low price. With this package you will be able to write Ada 95 programs using a validated Ada 95 compiler and the Ada programmer's secret weapon for windows: Claw.

So if you have been struggling with documentation written for non-Ada programmers, try Claw. If you are sick of having to go through routines in other languages, you need to get Claw. And if you haven't experienced Janus/Ada 95, the time is now to get a modern compiler system from the company that first brought Ada to the PC.

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