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Claw Introductory Edition Now Available

R.R. Software, Inc. is proud to announce the Claw Introductory Edition. The introductory edition provides a free version of Claw for evaluation and personal use.

Claw is the Class Library for Ada 95 and Windows. It works with any Ada 95 compiler for Windows.

The Claw Introductory Edition includes a portion of the complete Claw package. An introductory version of the Claw Application Builder is also available; the combination provides an easy way to write fully functional Windows applications in Ada 95.

As with all versions of Claw, the Claw Introductory Edition is provided as Ada 95 source code. Thus, users can extend and modify the code to meet their needs.

For personal use, the Claw Introductory Edition can be used without charge forever. (Commercial use is limited to 30 days.)

The Claw Introductory Edition replaces the old, less powerful Claw Demo version. The introductory edition provides more capabilities and examples than the demo, making it more appropriate for personal use. Try Claw for free today!

Major Features supported in the Claw Introductory Version:

  • Windows and Dialog Boxes;
  • Controls: Labels, Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Group Boxes, Edit Boxes, Scroll Bars, Trackbars, Up-down buttons;
  • Tools: Fonts, Pens, Brushes;
  • Graphics: Icons, Bitmaps;
  • Canvases: For windows, for painting;
  • Drawing operations;
  • Menus;
  • Help access;
  • Basic registry operations;
  • Basic socket operations;
  • Directory operations.
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